Dairy Queen in German!

Wir Kühe

So cool, no? The title translates as “We Cows.” For more information, click here – a link to Carlsen Verlag, the German publisher. It will help if you know German.

Keine Zeit Für Kühe

The Off Season is now available as well! Fantastic cover, just like the original, and a title translated to “No Time for Cows.” If you speaks German, or just are curious about books from other countries, here is the link to the official page. Güten Tag!

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Hi, I’m Luisa. I’m 16 years old. I’m from Germany. My english teacher told us to present an english book. My group choose Dairy Queen . . . Your book is fantastic! Now, we want to read the second book. On english. I hope you can understand what I wrote. Thank you.


  1. -Luisa

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Dairy Queen in Korean!

Sorry but I don’t know enough Korean to write “in Korean” in Korean.