Reviews of Front and Center

“It is wonderful! . . . My very highest recommendation.”

  1. -Jen Robinson’s Book Page

“A fantastic end to a terrific series . . . A+”

  1. -Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

“A worthy send-off for a one-of-a-kind character.”

- Hornbook

“You won’t want to miss it.”

  1. -Abby the Librarian

“My favorite D.J. Schwenk novel yet.”

  1. -Em’s bookshelf

“I haven’t read the first two books in this series, but I had no problem falling in love with DJ, her family and her friends.”

- Kiss the Book

“What Romeo and Juliet's life would be like if they actually had a life.”

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“[D.J.’s] self-deprecating and humorous voice is still as fresh the third time around.”

- Booklist

A responsible, realistically flawed, funny, endearing, and strong heroine worth rooting for whether on the court or on the page.”

  1. -School Library Journal

“5 stars.”


“DAIRY QUEEN and THE OFF SEASON were incredible, and now Catherine Murdock adds a third book equally as amazing.”

- A Curious Reader

“D.J. Schwenk is a character you care about, and you root for her in all ways.”

  1. -Sarah at Kidliterate

“a different kind of girl heroine . . . . It will be hard for fans to say goodbye.”

  1. -Books For Kids Blog

“A voice that is unique amongst the hordes of books about skinny, literate, witty urban teen girls.”


“Extraordinarily well researched, the in-school student dynamics realistic and relatable . . . . This is a series that should not be missed!”

5 out 5

  1. -Steph Su Reads

“As compelling as any Big Ten showdown.”

  1. -BookPage

“Sports could cease to exist in the real world and I wouldn’t blink an eye, but DJ’s descriptions make basketball training and the chance of a college scholarship compelling. I can’t help but be impressed.”

- Garish & Tweed

“A satisfying conclusion to the Dairy Queen trilogy with a message that lasts long after you’ve read the last page.”

  1. -Feed Your Imagination

  2. -FYI’s shout-out to Beaner’s Playlist

“I usually couldn't care less about farm work or sports, but while reading Front and Center, I cared about everything that was happening just as much as if I were a character in the book.”

- Book Divas

“I loved it. Not only that, but I needed it! I needed a reminder that courageous people are actually scared to death, and that we shouldn't let fear make our decisions! . . . And as always, it was HYSTERICALLY laugh-out-loud funny. And inspiring. I loved it.”

  1. -Kristin Cashore

“a fantastic wrap up to what has been a fantastically enjoyable series.”

- Basil and Spice

“Read them, please.”

- Book Aunt

You know when a good friend moves away and then they're back in town and you have lunch with them and you remember all the fun you used to have?  That's just how FRONT AND CENTER was for me!  I did not realize how much I had missed D.J. until I was in her head again . . . You really balanced giving us enough of the familiar characters and developing new ones while developing D.J.'s future in a completely believable way. 

  1. -Cathy, Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston

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