My favorite character was Z, she sounds like an awesome grandma. I liked that the book was written in journal form and that you learned a lot about Rome. I also loved all the mentions of oreos I love oreos so much (the book made me hungry a lot). And of course i loved the story. Thank you! 


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Heaven is Paved with Oreos

Sarah Zorn and her best friend, Curtis, have a great solution to the constant teasing that they’re going out: they simply pretend that they are, employing what Sarah terms a “Brilliant Outflanking Strategy.” But fake dating is a lot more difficult than Sarah thought, once it starts creating real feelings—feelings too complicated for even A-student Sarah to explain. When her zany grandmother invites her on a Roman holiday, Sarah jumps at the chance to discover Italy and escape the awkward situation with Curtis.

The trip of a lifetime holds plenty of surprises, however, as Sarah uncovers longtime secrets and discovers the many meanings of love.

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