Reviews of Princess Ben

"Murdock's prose sweeps the reader up and never falters, blending a formal syntax and vocabulary with an intimate tone that bonds the reader with Ben as she transforms . . . into a competent, compassionate thinking young woman."

- Horn Book (starred review)

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"A rip-roaring yarn."

- Booklist (starred review)

"Full of magic, adventure, and fantasy!!! I absolutely recommend this book!!!"

- The Story Siren

"Murdock manages to take all the familiar fairy tale elements and turn them on their head. Oh, and the voice! . . . A quill pen on parchment."

- Sarah Miller

"What's even better than a young wizard surprised by his magical abilities? How about a PRINCESS surprised by hers?"

  1. -AudioFile

"It's a romantic fairy tale with amusing and exciting twists, starring a self-reliant heroine who girls can be proud of."

- Wichita Eagle 

"There is an especially funny battle scene towards the end . . .You'll have to read it to find out more."

- Em's Bookshelf

"Thoroughly entertaining."

- Publishers Weekly

"An amusing, heartwarming adventure put forth in richly flavored prose."

- Kirkus

"All in all, a very elegantly written and satisfying literary fairy tale."

- Educating Alice

“You will want to read Princess Ben in one sitting, it’s that good.”

- YA Books Central

"I loved this book! It was amazing, and . . . . . . . I loved it!"

- Trainspotting Reads

"Written in a style that really fits the story — a bit old-fashioned and fantastical, as well as witty and intelligent."

- Teen Book Review

“Beyond the fantastic heroine, there are so many adventures, surprises, and plot twists that readers won't be able to put the book down.”

- Common Sense

"Adventurous, romantic, entertaining, and most of all, a humorous story about growing up that anyone of any age will not help but love."

- The Compulsive Reader

"Ben is a spirited narrator, and readers will love every minute they spend with her."


"I love how the chick on the cover still looks like she can kick your tail halfway to China, even in that gorgeous dress and all the sparklies."

- Confessions of a Bibliovore

“I have always been a big fan of Murdock’s books, but this one now holds a special place in my heart.”

- And Another Book Read

"Princess Ben is a real step away from Dairy Queen and The Off Season, but I'm pleased to report that it's awesome."

- Abby (the) Librarian

"Highly recommended to those who love to read about princesses, dragons, and magic."

- TeenFX

"Princess Ben is a REAL princess for REAL girls. Hurrah!"

- Shawn, youth services librarian, Wisconsin

“Whether in a helmet and shoulder pads or velvet frocks, D.J. and Princess Ben (short for Benevolence) both cut similar sturdy, delightfully complex figures.”

- Minneapolis St. Paul Star-Tribune

"a fanciful, delicious story that will have readers on the edges of their seats!"

- bookworm readers

"Full of humor and spirit."

- Association of Booksellers for Children

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I loved Ben and all of her adventures . . . I particularly enjoyed how she wanted to turn Florian into a frog and keep him in a box so she could poke him with a stick.

  1. -Lynn

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