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Oh my gosh! thank you so much for replying, it totally made my day! I was so excited to hear from you, I started jumping up and down! And then I called my friend to tell her that you replied! I think you are so cool, maybe I should write books someday. Do you have to write topic sentences? Because I'm not what you might call a genius on those... Oh well, I guess you get better at those when you go to collage. 

- Miranda

All my favorite . . .

I have so many favorites that I need this page to keep them all straight.

books from when I was a kid >>

fantasy novels >>

books I’ve read recently >>

books recommended by DQ fans >>

Other things I love, just for the record:

  1. gardening (but only sometimes; thank goodness for winter).

  2. puzzles of almost any sort: sudoku, kenken, kakuro, Bananagrams, crosswords . . . They all help my brain work in new and creative ways.

  3. cooking. Which also helps my brain work in new and creative ways.

  4. walking, hiking, skiing and body-surfing (note that none of these sports involves eye-hand coordination.)

  5. dreaming of traveling in Europe.

  6. pets.