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I just wanted to thank you for writing such a great series. I loved them all so much I had the whole series read in about two weeks. I actually just finished the third one a few minutes ago, and I really thought you should see how great reading these books made me feel about myself. . . .  I strongly believe that DJ’s message should be heard by every teenage girl out there. Thank you so much.

- Maggie

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I’m going to get up on a soap box for a minute and make a plea for independent bookstores. Independent bookstores are fantastic. That photograph shows a display in Schuler Books & Music, a lovely bookstore in Okemos, Michigan. These smaller bookstores tend to attract passionate readers – staff as well as customers – who can make amazing recommendations and track down the titles that big chains never carry. Plus their shipping’s as fast as Amazon.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the big chains are great as well. And the online stores sell ebooks, which is how you can snag yourself an enhanced ebook of Wisdom’s Kiss. But if there’s an indie bookstore near you, why not make the effort to support a local business and check it out?

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