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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dairy Queen be a movie? Can I be in it?

No, and no, at least not at the moment. Sorry. For one thing, the average American movie costs tens of millions of dollars, which is a bit more than what I can dig out of the lint trap. If you have fifteen million dollars and a real yearning to see D.J. Schwenk on the big screen, drop me a line. I’m sure we can work something out.

There was some talk of a Dairy Queen television series. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the final cut because D.J. Schwenk isn’t quite mainstream enough for the networks. Which is why we love her, but still.

Is D.J. Schwenk based on real life?  Is she based on you?

When I wrote Dairy Queen, I’d heard of girls kicking on football teams, but I thought a girl linebacker would be impossible. Ha! Since then I’ve had the extreme honor of meeting Holly Mangold, a Ohio high school senior who played offensive tackle for her football team. (She read Dairy Queen at preseason, and her coach called her “Dairy Queen” for a week! And then she went on to the Olympics!) I’ve heard from several girls who, inspired by Dairy Queen, decided to play football. Rock on, Sylvia and Morgan . . . D.J. would be very proud.

Where did you grow up? Did you write as a kid?

I really want to be a writer. How do I do it? >>

Are you going to write another D.J. book after Front and Center?  >>

What’s your birthday and where were you born?

A Virgo, I was born in the mid 1960s in Charleston, South Carolina, though sadly my parents moved before I had time to absorb the accent. For reasons of Internet security I don’t provide more information than this.

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The interviews with Hougton Mifflin, my publisher, are particularly informative. Pretty much everything you want to know is answered there.

I also have questions for reading groups and mother-daughter book clubs on Dairy Queen, The Off Season, Front and Center, Princess Ben, Wisdom’s Kiss and Heaven is Paved with Oreos.

I think that D.J's character can relate to almost everyone. Meaning not everyone is sure of what they want in life, and that bad things can turn out to be the best things that could ever happen to you . . . I never put your story down. I finished it in less than 3 days, I probably could have finished it sooner if i wasn't so busy.  Myself personally think that you should or at least consider turning your book into a movie . . . Also i was just wondering if D.J and Brian ever ended up together? Also is there a sequal to your novel? Thats all i can think of to say at the moment. I would just like to say thanks for your time and please get back to me if you can.

  1. -Nicole